Malta without Gozo

Every year as soon as the summer is over I need to think about my next trip. It’s a constant desire to travel, a deep need for new discoveries. It’s the time I make decisions for the year ahead. Isn’t that the same for you? And so while having a dinner with friends and talkingContinue reading “Malta without Gozo”

Christmas in New York

Hands up who has never dreamed of spending Christmas time in New York.  For those who grew up in the 90’s this desire re-emerges every given Christmas when the movie “Home Alone 2 – lost in New York” is broadcasted again and again. Unlike our previous times, we wanted to stay exactly in the centerContinue reading “Christmas in New York”

Santorini, the sunset Island

I’ll be blunt: Santorini worths a visit for less than 4 days unless you can afford one of the luxurious hotels in “Imerovigli“, above the caldera cliffand its sumptuous, amazing view. This being said, we stayed in Karterados area, 2 minutes car from Fira, the main village. The hotel pool was unexpectedly useful considering weContinue reading “Santorini, the sunset Island”

Cinque Terre in two days

I booked this trip the day before the departure and even if it was August my girlfriend and I were able to find a good stay in Vernazza, the second village for those who arrive from Genoa. There are many options to stay in Cinque Terre and probably the cheapest is to house in oneContinue reading “Cinque Terre in two days”

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I’m a thirtysomething with a passion for flights and traveling. My trips are a mix of instinct, desire and a good dose of luck.

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