Santorini, the sunset Island

I’ll be blunt: Santorini worths a visit for less than 4 days unless you can afford one of the luxurious hotels in “Imerovigli“, above the caldera cliffand its sumptuous, amazing view.

This being said, we stayed in Karterados area, 2 minutes car from Fira, the main village. The hotel pool was unexpectedly useful considering we were in a sea place.

Hotel Pool – Karterados

The sea isn’t in fact that special and you should not expect crystal-clear waters. Peryssa and Perivolos are the main beach areas where the life takes place during the daily hours and where beach bars, restaurants and happy hours – just by the sea – are supposed to entertain your days. However, nothing really special happens here, the approach and the mood are very touristic. Tranquilo Bar, on the contrary, was the one we enjoyed the most. Beers, cocktails, XL greek salads and positive summer vibes.

Even though it was August, these areas seemed to have no summer life to such an extent that we left after two hours, every single day. That’s why our hotel pool was our salvation. Eros Beach worths a visit due to the lunar landscape and to go skinny-dipping.

More and more frequently you’ll be told that Santorini is just for couples, families and has a surprising nightlife that takes place in Fira from 11pm till the dawn. I only partially agree. Yes, there a lot of couples, families and clubs but I think that this Island is for anyone wanting to enjoy the capacity of sunlight to play its magic with the landscape, and the consequent movie-like scenic beauty. And the nightlife? I didn’t enjoy it at all: few crowded pubs with boring, thumping music and some disco where the party never starts. Give them a try but don’t get your hopes too high. Sometimes East Breeze, a beach bar, gives parties that could meet your expectations more likely.

I Meravigli

Oia, Fira, Imerovigli are all spots for magical sunsets situated on the Caldera cliffs. Oia is the mainstream place that is also known as Instagram point. Probably the most photographed place in the world. The narrow streets of Oia are literally stormed by tourists who go there hours in advance to pick the perfect spot to attend the show and, when it’s the right time, a breathtaking sunset will show up.

Fira is the other place to be when the sun comes down aand it’s the only village that has some semblance of nightlife.

For some good and tasty Greek food look for “Yogi’s”, a cheap street food on the main street, or “Parea Tavern” for more delicious Greek dishes.

Imerovigli is the place I liked the most.

Buddha Beach Club

There is a 20 minutes trail that goes from Fira to Imerovigli (it connects up to Oia in 2.5h) that gives an incredible view of this luxurious part of Santorini.

We spent an entire day at Buddha Beach Club where the daily entrance is not that expensive and you can use the pool and the sunbeds.

It is a quiet place to relax and the highest spot with probably the best panoramic view.

“It doesn’t take so long to visit Santorini but it might last forever the joy of its sunsets”. This is my opinion – to be more concise – about this Greek Island.

Sunset from the Catamaran

Find some time to join the catamaran sail experience, a semi private boat (max 15 person) that takes you to different sea spots for half a day till late evening, when the crew serves the dinner and the sun goes down.


Tranquilo Bar
Perissa, Santorini

Eros Beach
Perivolos, Santorini

Yogi’s Gyros
Fira, Santorini

Parea Tavern
Fira, Santorini

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